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Golden Line is a multidisciplinary creative consultancy based in Pretoria, South Africa. We produce creative content and clever copy to make brands look and sound slick. We do this by telling your story through conceptualising and combining text and image to make your brand irresistible. While we provide a custom service tailored to your needs, our projects typically involve some or all of the following:

Branding and concept development
Copywriting and editing
Content creation
Website design
Print and digital design
Thinking outside the box



Lize du Toit
Lize du Toit

Copywriter, Artist, Web Developer

Lize's passion for visual and written creativity gives her a natural flair for bringing together image and text. A bit of a Jack-of-all-trades (but luckily also a master of some), Lize can bake a killer chicken pie, talk in funny voices and arrange some brushstrokes on canvas.

Annemart Swanepoel
Annemart Swanepoel

Designer, Art Director

Annemart is the queen of multitasking. This extraordinary ability gives her the edge in being creative under pressure, and 15 years' worth of excellent design output attests to this fact. Outnumbered at home by her husband and two boys, Annemart is one tough (and very inventive) cookie.

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